• Managed Security Services Provider

    We minimize the impact of cyber attack with 24x7 monitoring of your critical infrastructure

    Industrial Managed Security Services (iMSS)


    The number of attacks to critical infrastructure are rapidly growing. Attacks on critical infrastructure such as oil & gas, power generation, transportation and others can lead to devastating consequences in the economic, political, personal, public safety and privacy arenas.


    System operators are challenged in responding to the growing number of cyber threats they face in today’s environment. Specifically, system operators need a solution to promote safety and protect productivity. Today's challenges are the following:

    • Industrial protocols can easily be manipulated to disrupt critical systems
    • OT operators have limited or no visibility and monitoring capabilities 
    • ICS/SCADA components have many unaddressed vulnerabilities
    • Companies face lack of dedicated cyber security expertise

    Minimize Business Risk


    Accura offers an outsourced security solution Industrial Security Operation Centre (iSOC) designed to protect critical infrastructure, control systems and operational technology (OT) assets. We run specialized state-of-the-art monitoring equipment which understands your OT. Our surveillance solution provides protection from cyber threats and vulnerabilities in operational environments by monitoring and blocking malicious activities and misconfigurations to promote OT safety and protect productivity.


    iSOC proactively determines which events are most dangerous and critical to your organization. Our real-time notifications and reporting of threats enable our joint teams to take fast action.


    Our service comprises:

    • Define security monitoring strategy, goals, and cyber security posture at your convenience 
    • State-of-the-art 24x7 monitoring capabilities by dedicated ICS security analysts
    • Designated iSOC and personalized services understating your security environment   
    • Collaboration with your security team and managing the threat landscape
    • Let your team operate your infrastructure and keep cyber security on us

    Incident Handling and Response

    Leave cyber threat hunting on us

    • Investigation of critical incidents and rapid mitigation
    • Proactive cyber threat hunting
    • Post-incident clean-up and remediation plan
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