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    We Defend Your Critical Assets 

    Our Approach

    Accura’s was founded in 2016. Our mission is to safeguard critical infrastructure and identify areas of risk in order to reduce the impact on organization’s business and human safety.

    We are helping organizations to select, implement and measure security controls that are meant to reduce risks.


    Cybersecurity threats in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are rapidly growing and our concept of cybersecurity is to provide comprehensive security solutions how organization should manage the risk of their critical assets.



    Safety, reliability, resilience. Securing critical industrial infrastructures requires hard-earned domain expertise. From the management, generation, oil refinery, and distribution of bulk electrical power to securing manufacturing floors or a supply chain, we maintain a deep bench of field-assessment experience you can count on.


    Why us

    Unlike massive consulting companies, we know you and your industry by engaging in one-on-one professional relationship. We deliver customized, tailor-made services according to your specifications fueled by leadership, flexibility and agility.


    Besides of technical skills, our team of professionals is experienced in multinational projects and maps out each engagement carefully to ensure delivery of exceptional results on budget and on time.


    Our vast experience and broad range of capabilities in systems engineering, project management, and defense in-depth of IT and OT infrastructures, allowing us to combat the latest attacker threats.

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    The harsh reality of today’s cyber security environment means there may be only two kinds of organizations: those that have been breached and know it, and those that remain dangerously oblivious to it.

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